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See inside Kaleidoscope

Take a look at Kriss Kyle's dream BMX playground

Kriss Kyle spent months in talks with Ben Scott, a renowned production designer, to create his dream BMX playground. The result was Kaleidoscope - a BMX film like none other. Here’s an obstacle-by-obstacle guide to the course of Kriss’s dreams.

  • 13 the number of obstacles Kriss Kyle takes on in Kaleidoscope
  • 10 the number of hours a day that Kriss spent in the warehouse, practising, for three weeks before the shoot
  • 8 the number of weeks the set took to build
  • 12 the number of men who built it
  • 50,000 the number of screws used
  • 1,600 the number of plywood sheets

The Rings

The speed at which Kriss hit the rings to ensure he could make it from the bottom ring to the top ring

20 mph
The production team used pre-visualisation to develop the obstacles.

Peg to Flair

"I had about 100 attempts before I finally managed to nail the peg to flair, it was so hard" says Kriss.

100 attempts


The number of steel springs in the trampoline used for this trick.

100 springs

The Curve Wall Ride

Kriss is the first person to master a wall ride to flair

1 st

The Spiral

Look for the black mark Kriss used to count 4 revolutions in order to slow down enough to get out of the bottom safely.

4 revolutions

See-Through Wall

The size of the gap Kriss had to negotiate to hit the flat wall which incidentally was 9ft in the air. The wall was made from polycarbonate which is used for police riot shields and bullet proof glass.

10 FT


The height the rail was off the ground.

1 FT 6 inches

Falling L

The Falling L is 24ft at its highest point. The mechanism failed during rehearsal, kicking Kriss's back wheel into the air and knocking him off his bike.

24 FT

Rollercoaster Rail

The World's fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi goes 140mph. Kriss doesn't hit his trick at quite that speed...

140 mph

Impossible Turn

This was 8ft in the air. Kriss had a couple of trial attempts with crash mats. To complete the turn, Kriss had to ride as close to horizontal as he could.

8 FT
The obstacles on set were moving during filming. The men responsible for pushing the obstacles were removed during post production.

The Trampoline Wall

1936 - The year that George Nissen built the first ever trampoline in his garage.


The Revolve

The 18ft drum rotated 20 times a minute, that's one rotation every 3 seconds

20 rotations

The Dominoes

32ft - the height of the falling dominoes. Kriss landed his first jump off the dominoes... backwards.

32 FT