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See inside Kaleidoscope

Control four of Kriss Kyle's world-first tricks

How did he do that? We've made interactive gifs of every world-first trick Kriss Kyle pulls in Kaleidoscope. Have a play with them below.

Double peg grind to flair

"This one really messed with my mind! It definitely got the better of me, but I knew what I had to do - to just keep going until I got it the way I wanted."

Rollercoaster Rail to backflip

"This wasn't too bad! I just had to make sure the rail was waxed up. If it wasn't, the backflip wouldn't come round and I'd be in danger of landing on my head."

The Spiral

"The Spiral was by far one of the scariest ramps to ride. It was so hard to tell where about you were and I could feel the g-force."

360 footplant to trampoline front flip

"One of the weirdest things I have ever ridden in my life! Sometimes the trampoline would just throw you wherever it wanted, and you had no choice but to go with it!"